What are the advantages of field trips?


Field trips have numerous advantages including offering unique learning opportunities, engaging students on a higher level and making learning fun. Students of all ages often go on one or more field trips each year.

Planning for field trips begins in the classroom, as teachers give students background information that ties the trip into what they are learning. Field trips to historical sites or science museums give students hands-on learning opportunities to explore concepts. Trips to the theater, art museums and orchestra concerts expose students to cultural experiences they might not experience otherwise.

For children who are active learners, field trips provide a way to bring classroom lessons to life, making them more tangible and easy to understand. Even students who find book learning boring usually enjoy the activity and perspective that field trips have to offer.

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Pre-teaching is very important when taking students on field trips. A unit on a specific subject can culminate in a field trip. The field trip will reinforce lessons the students
Meet friends, free to do what you want, NO HOMEWORK!!!!
A virtual field trip is when you explore a certain place from the graphics they create on the internet. They can show you each area without you even being there.
1. Talk to the teacher/lecturer/guide to find out what you'll need. Ask what you will need on the field trip (and what you won't need) Also, write a list of the things you want to
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The Advantages of Field Trips
Visiting the aquarium, watching a theatrical performance or asking a NASA astronaut about space travel are all possibilities for field trip excursions that are stimulating and educational. One issue that is reducing field trip opportunities is a lack of... More »
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One can create a field trip permission form by using a variety of software programs. These forms should contain the exact place where the trip will be taken, the ...
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