What are the advantages of overpopulation?


One advantage of overpopulation is that as population grows, so does the information economy. Another advantage is that overpopulation also creates more urbanization, which translates to economic development.

According to the Washington Post, overpopulation can be beneficial because the more people there are, the more the information economy will grow. For example, more people do more jobs, which causes innovation. People produce more art and create more technology. Another benefit is that overpopulation leads to urbanization, and as a result, cities expand. According to an infographic designed by EyeCandy, only countries with high levels of urbanization reach significant economic growth and income levels.

EyeCandy also points out that overpopulation stimulates an improved standard of living. The bigger a population in a country, the bigger the domestic market of that country. More people are able to work, which means that products are manufactured at cheaper costs and labor costs are lower, which in turn make these products more affordable to the general population. This creates economies of scale because volume increases and cost per unit decreases.

Evidence of the benefit of overpopulation to economic growth can be seen in the economies of both China and India, which are economically flourishing despite their large populations.

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The Advantages of Overpopulation
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