Advantages of Packet Switching?


The advantages of packet switching are that a switch packet part that has been spoilt can be sent on its own without having to resend the whole package. It allows different users operate it at the same time as it is a multiplexing device.
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Two main advantages. (1) Errors are localized. If a packet becomes damaged, only that packet must be re-sent. (2) Multiplexing: several users, or several connections for the same
1. Packet switching might be more economical than using private lines if the amount of traffic between terminals does not warrant a dedicated circuit. 2. Packet switching might be
Only one computer can apply a signal to the network cable at any one time. This is because data passes as an electric charge on a wire. The current possesses all the length of the
n. A method of data transmission in which small blocks of data are transmitted rapidly over a channel dedicated to the connection only for the duration of the packet's transmission.
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