Advantages of Seed Dormancy?


One important advantage of seed dormancy is it is possible for the seeds to be spread while dormant instead of choking out one location and facing extinction. Some more advantages include the seed being able to not be destroyed by adverse weather and the seed's ability to get into various areas, including areas that it may be better suited to survive.
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It Delays the growth of the seed till spring.
The time during which a seed is dormant (when growth and development do not occur) allows for the dispersal of seeds. The plant can send its seeds into new environments. Dormancy
Seed dormancy is considered to be a benefit due to the fact that this causes
Seed dormancy is defined as a state in which seeds are prevented from germinating even under environmental conditions normally favorable for germination. The time during which a seed
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Seed dormancy is defined as the condition in which the seeds fail to germinate even when the environmental conditions are optimal for germination. ...
Seed dormancy is when a seed is not able to germinate in a specific time period. Typically, when this happens it is because of the conditions surrounding there ...
1. Place the seeds in a glass jar and cover them with vinegar. Stir the seeds gently and allow them to soak for 10 minutes to several hours, depending on the species ...
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