What are the advantages and disadvantages of indexed-sequential file organization?


There are following advantage of indexed files. 1.       Any record can be used with help of any key. 2.       Quite easy to execute. 3.       Searching process is fast. And disadvantages are: 1.       User is not able to maintain extracted data. 2.       The performance of programming decrease with the addition of new records.
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1. A sequential file is designed for efficient processing of records in sorted order on some search key. Anonymous
Sequential file - like a video tape - only accessed from start to end, you must read it in a sequence fashion, i.e. you must step through it if you want to find something. If you
The advantages and disadvantages of file organization are ; Anonymous Report Was this answer helpful? Yes | No | Edit this
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A disadvantage of sequential file organization is that extra data is stored on the disk and can use up more disk space. Also the indexed files have to be reorganized ...
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