Advantages of Sports?


There are many advantages of sports, including physical, mental, and emotional. One of the physical advantages of sports is the exercise that a person gets while playing the sports and practicing for the games. A mental advantage is the way some sports can stimulate the brain with problem solving or hard concentration. An emotional advantage of playing sports is the social interaction with other teams and team mates. Adults and kids learn to work together towards a common goal despite personal differences. The team mates may bond and develop friendships with the other players that will last even after the season is over.
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a advantage is that if you go pro you make big bucks, disadvantages are injuries and if you dont go to college and suck in the pros you have no back up option for a career.
Wrestling is a great sport for short people. Actually wrestling is a great sport for pretty much any body type. If a one legged man can win a national title and a quadruple amputee
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Many people believe there is a connection between taking part in sports and personal growth and development. Leadership, responsibility, initiative, and cooperation are all positive
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