What are some advantages of wired networking?


Some advantages of wired networking are enhanced security, greater reliability and ease of use. Because this type of network requires a physical wire for connectivity, unauthorized access to the network is less likely to occur, whereas a wireless network could possibly be accessed by any hacker within range.

It is easier to connect a laptop or other device to a wired network since all that is required is an Ethernet cable. A wireless network typically requires a complicated security key and connectivity may be spotty in some buildings, making it impossible to connect in certain areas.

A wired network enjoys greater reliability than a wireless one because of uninterrupted data flow. It does not rely on air travel to communicate, so it is unaffected by wireless devices that can cause reductions in speed and/or interference.

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One of the advantages of a wired network is the security that being wired provides. Wireless networks are fairly easy for a determined individual to snoop into, or to steal bandwidth
disadvantages: 1. implenentation cost is high. 2. not ideal for temporary network setup. 3. not flexible.
In my opinion, any advantages are out weighed by the downsides of this practice. I think where open networking goes wrong is two fold: A) One should not confuse Open Networking with
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What Are The Advantages of Wired Networking?
Wired computer networks are what you have when you create a network that is physically hooked together. The computer, printers, routers, hubs and all other devices are physically connected via wires and cables. These networks, while they might be... More »
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