Aerodynamics Affecting Cars?


If you picture the air outside of your vehicle as a wall, you can imagine how your vehicle passing through would be impacted by that wall. In short, aerodynamics are the study of this "wall", the impact and how to make the vehicle pass through the wall with less friction.
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Air has mass and inertia, which means that it can only compress and move at a certain rate. The harder and faster you try to shove something through the air, the more you have to
Answer it has to do with speed/acceleration. It can either be good or bad, depends how it's done Hummer - Not aerodynamic Formula 1 - very aerodynamic
According to Volvo's Frasher, the force acting against a car by the air it moves is a function of: Cd x Frontal Area x Density of Air x Speed Squared Speed clearly is an important
A car with a more aerodynamic shape will have less resistance to cut through the air, thus making it easyer for the car to reach higher speeds. A car or truck with a less aerodynamic
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Aerodynamics affects speed positively. The more aerodynamic an object is, the faster it can go. This is because it encounters less wind resistance when moving. ...
Friction is the single greatest factor in determining a car's gas mileage. Automobile aerodynamics is the science of reducing the friction of air as the car travels ...
Aerodynamics works by using the shape of objects and the force of air to find what things are better to stay in the air. How something is shaped can affect how ...
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