How to Curl a Bob Hairstyle for African Americans?


To curl a bob hairstyle for African American you will need a rat tail comb, curling iron and setting spray. Part one inch of hair at the back of your neck using the tail comb. Holding the curling iron parallel to the head wrap the hair section around the barrel and hold for five seconds then realises the hair gently from the curling barrel. Continue sectioning and curling from the back to the front. Comb through with a wide comb and set as desired then spray your entire head with a setting spay when you are done.
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Things You'll Need. Fine-tooth comb. Beeswax. Leave-in conditioner. Sponge rollers. Instructions. Start with a clean head of hair. Shampoo, rinse and condition your hair thoroughly.
A bob cut is a hair style for women and children; a short haircut all around, with or
Any form of braids, the press and curl, or the natural funkadelic big afro.
i would let your hair grow and if your hair is REALLY curly, put a relaxer in it, and then just part it like that. but that's not ellen? that the kid from nick and nora's playlist
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