African American Hair Relaxers?


African American hair relaxers can be purchased at most beauty shops or retailers that carry beauty products. A hair relaxer is a cream applied to hair that is naturally curly and relaxes the curls. It can be done professionally at salons that offer the service. It may also be known as lanthionization. The price of the relaxing service may vary by location and depend on the length of a person's hair. The at home process is cheaper but may not yield the same results as a professional job that may last a lot longer. The process is generally repeated every six to eight weeks or as needed.
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1. Apply the perm solution on up to 80% of your hair. This will ensure that some elasticity remains in your hair, which is essential for body, bounce and strength. But if you're wearing
1 Don't use the strongest relaxer every time you get your hair relaxed. The super strength and industrial strength relaxers are traditionally used on African American hair because
The best one is a professional one. If you insist, however, Avlon produces a line of high quality hair products that are used in salons across the United States. Within that line
To twist African American hair part in small sections. Twist one hair around the other and dab bees wax on the end. This will keep the twist from coming down. Roll the hair on desire
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To put a relaxer in African American hair, you would section off your hair in four sections. Clip back the three section you will not be working on and with the ...
There are several different brands of African American hair relaxers. The products include Affirm by Avalon, Mizani, Dark & Lovely, and Optimum. The Optimum ...
African American hair is very delicate, gets dry easily, and tends to break. African American hair will grow longer by a few inches every month, and you should ...
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