How to Braid African American Hair?


Some of the African braiding salons are Daba African Hair Braiding Saloon, Marie's African Hair Braiding Saloon and Detroit African braiding shop. To braid African American hair, first, wash and condition your hair with appropriate hair products and portion off your hair with a comb. Next, make use of three strands of hair at a time for each braid and finally, braid the hair.
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Things You'll Need. Large-toothed comb. Rubber bands. Conditioner. Hair dryer. Plastic cap or scarf. Learn to Create a Basic Braid. Find a willing participant to practice on. Make
There are many on South St., Start from Broad St, and just keep walking, and you will find many salons.
1 Prepare your hair. Start by washing your hair as per usual, and then use a deep conditioner to help soften your strands. When you’ve rinsed your conditioner out, use a fine-tooth
Currently the only wwe superstars who are African American with braids are R-Truth, and JTG. Epico also has braids but he's not African American he's Puerto Rican.
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