How to Braid African American Hair?


Some of the African braiding salons are Daba African Hair Braiding Saloon, Marie's African Hair Braiding Saloon and Detroit African braiding shop. To braid African American hair, first, wash and condition your hair with appropriate hair products and portion off your hair with a comb. Next, make use of three strands of hair at a time for each braid and finally, braid the hair.
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The most common way to braid an African Americans hair is by doing cornrows. These are braids that are braided to the scalp. The hair is divided into 3 strands and hair along that
1. Find a willing participant to practice on. Make sure this person is seated at a height that's comfortable for you. 2. Start at the front of the head. Section a small portion of
There are many on South St., Start from Broad St, and just keep walking, and you will find many salons.
1. Prepare your hair. Start by washing your hair as per usual, and then use a. deep conditioner. to help soften your strands. When you’ve rinsed your conditioner out, use a
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The practice of putting braided flat twists in hair takes practice. It is mostly seen in African American hair styles. Depending on the length of your hair, the ...
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