African Tribes?


There are over 7,400 African tribes throughout Africa. The tribes may go by the tribal name or their alternative name, if applicable. Information about the tribes also includes the country and region the tribes live in. Many of the facts about the African tribes were gathered by explorers or missionaries that visited Africa. Due to the fact that many of the explorers wrote their findings in different languages, some of the tribal names and other information may vary. History books about Africa will contain some of the most correct information about the ancient tribes, what they were like, and what happened to them.
Q&A Related to "African Tribes?"
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No, they are ancient deities, forces of nature, venerated throughout the world, originating in what is now modern-day Nigeria and Benin. There are hundreds of books in several languages
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No idea, but in genetic studies I've read that the 'San' people of South Africa are currently the most like the earliest ancestors and ancestor tribe.
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