After Effects of Tornadoes?


There can be many different after effects of tornadoes. Depending on the damage of the storm, the tornado could take down houses and kill people. Tornadoes are a very scary storm that should be taken very seriously.
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It just depends on the size of the tornado. It can pull roofs off, or rip a house down. The causes of a tornado are hot air and cold air mixing, usually causing rotation. Hope this
Stay tuned to a local radio or television station to keep abreast of any developments in your area. You need to know if there are emergency crews working nearby or if an evacuation
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Tornadoes are massive thunderstorms that are very disastrous, destroying property and lives. Tornadoes are caused by the mix of cold and hot air, which brews a ...
There are not any positive effects of a tornado. Tornadoes kill many people each year and destroy entire towns. ...
The after effects of a tsunami include both physical and mental disruption both to the affected and those not affected. Tsunamis also cause destruction and damage ...
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