Age for Quitting School?


The legal age for quitting school in most states is 16 years old. You can obtain your GED after you quit school.
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16, but its not something someone should do.
The legal school age to dropout is 16. When you turn 16 years of age you can opt to drop out of school if you choose. This age could vary for each state so I would check with your
1. Listen to the former student. Do not assume that she is feeling a sense of failure and confusion. She may look upon her decision to quit nursing as a positive step, even feel a
1. Divert your mind from smoking. Go to movies, spend time with your girlfriend/boyfriend, go to a spa or gym, workout for yourself, or do anything that you like, such as a hobby.
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The legal age for quitting school is generally 18 in Indiana although you have to turn 18 between Jan. 1 and the end of August. One may also quit school if you ...
States establish compulsory education laws; the minimum age for dropping out of school in any state is 16-years of age, with the permission of the parents or legal ...
The legal age for quitting school is 16. However, the student will need permission from the child's parent. A student cannot quit school without parental permission ...
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