How to Recover Lost Age of Mythology Product Keys?


'Age of Mythology' is a game that is produced and distributed by Microsoft. In the case of lost product keys for the game, you can recover them from Microsoft Support online. Simply choose 'activation' from the menu and 'product key issues' and specify whether the game was downloaded or purchased in-store. You will have to enter your product bar code number and Microsoft will authenticate your request and send you a replacement key.
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1. Look on the packaging of your Age of Mythology game. Under the bar code there is a printed number. You need this when contacting Microsoft. 2. Open your Internet browser and navigate
RMK2C-DCTFP-XC68J-9WGVQ-Y8C4J. you can find more by just googling it if that doesn't work.
I found one Age of Mythology Cd-Key: P3HM4-WDM27-662XW-9BPTV-CFVMQ.
It is different for every disk. Try looking everywhere on the CD case for a really long 'number' (that may also have letters). Great game by the way! :P
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