Age of Piano by Serial Number?


Determining the age of a piano is necessary to assess the value of the musical instrument. The age of a piano is determined by the serial number located on the instrument. The placement of the serial number varies depending on the brand and age of the piano. On a baby grand style piano, the serial number is typically found by lifting the top of the instrument to expose the inner workings. Serial numbers do not commonly list the date of manufacture within the serial number, but can denote the time in which the instrument was manufactured. A series of serial numbers are commonly used by each manufacturer during a particular period of time, thereby narrowing down the date of manufacture.
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I don't know but I'm wondering the same thing about mine. It's serial number 13797 and is in great shape furniture-wise. It hasn't been tuned or used in a very long time - it was
1. Open the back panel of the piano. The serial number might be located on the top right or top left of the piano (not the panel you removed) 2. Look at the very top of the piano,
Goggle Kimball serial numbers and you should find a list of them in the piano blue book.
February 15, 1961.
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about 1909 it was made. So around 101 years. ...
A Heintzman piano with the serial number 33969 will probably be around 109 to 112 years old. The serial number indicates that it was made in the early 19th century ...
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