How do you make an Aggravation game board?


In order to make an aggravation game board you will need a hardwood, ruler, pencil, circular saw, sandpaper and a plunge router. Using the sheet of hardwood you will need to make eight dots in the shape of an octagon. Using the saw cut off the corners of the board and sand the edges.
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1. Purchase an 18-inch square piece of wood 1 inch thick to use as the game board. Oak, walnut and maple are all attractive and sturdy choices. 2. Mark eight spots along the edges
The board game Aggravation can be purchased at most stores that carry board games. Some of these stores include Target, Walmart and Sears. One can also purchase this game online on
As a child, my friend says her aunt was given an original prototype for the game of Aggravation before it was sold to Parker Brothers or whoever. She played on it as small child.
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How to Make an Aggravation Game Board
Aggravation is a classic family board game which involves up to four players attempting to 'walk' colored marbles around the game board in order to get them all home first and win the game. Making a homemade Aggravation board is quite simple, requiring... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Easy
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