Agro Based Industries in India?


The status of Agro based industries in India is not a ventured field in India compared to agriculture. According to Engineers Research Institute India, Agro based industries contributes 8% of India's GDP whereas Agriculture contributes 25%. The food processing industries provide an opening for several industries that come up with end products such as juice, malt extracts and poultry products.
Q&A Related to "Agro Based Industries in India?"
Agro-based industry would mean any activity involved in cultivation, under controlled conditions of agricultural and horticultural crops, including floriculture and cultivation of
Agro based business is of 100s of type. some are profitable and some are not.
I don;t think the question really makes sense in contemporary India where web penetration < 10% and that too is not broadband.
All industries which used agricultural products in the production is called agro-based industries. For Example: Cotton and the industries which
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