Air Bubble in Bloodstream?


Air bubbles in the bloodstream are dangerous because they can stop blood flow to an area fed by an artery. This can cause a stroke or heart attack. The term for air in the bloodstream is an air embolism.
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The air bubble could get lodged in the heart, preventing blood from flowing to the lungs.
It can cause an embolism, which will lodge in a blood vessel and
There is no research to say that a specific amount is fatal. However, nurses, including myself, would not let any amount of air into the patent's circulation even during rapid infusions
Incorrect application of the paint often causes air bubbles to be trapped in the paint and causes foaming or depressions when dried. If the paint is applied too fast, large quantities
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An air bubble inside of the blood stream can kill a person. This is called an air embolism. It would take a lot of air to do this, however. This can happen because ...
It is fatal to have an air bubble in a syringe because it is injected into one's bloodstream. It is then fatal to have an air bubble in the bloodstream. It is ...
Air in your bloodstream is called 'air embolism.' If you inject air into your bloodstream, you may die if a large bubble lodges in the heart and stops blood flow ...
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