Air Conditioner for Horizontal Sliding Windows?


Most window air conditioners only fit windows that open vertically. Air conditioners cannot be placed on their sides or they will be damaged. Some manufactures make window air conditioners that are slim so they fit in horizontal sliding windows. The units are capable of fitting window openings as narrow as 15 inches wide.
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You would put it in like you are going to install an vertical conditioner only, you put it in the opposite direction.
Things You'll Need. Window air conditioner. Tape measure. Mounting bracket and screws. Screwdriver. Level. Weatherstripping foam. Caulk and gun. Instructions. Choose a horizontal
It is only meant for a vertical slider because thats the way it is setup. to convert it to a horizontal application: 1. you will need the mount bracket currently on it or buy 1 to
1 Decide which window is the best window for the installation. It should be a double-hung window located near the center of the wall rather than to one side. You’ll also want
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How to Install an Air Conditioner Into Horizontal Windows
If your home does not have central air, consider installing a window air conditioner this summer. They are an energy-efficient and inexpensive way to cool down any home or apartment. These portable units can easily be mounted in vertical or horizontal... More »
Difficulty: Moderate
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