Air Conditioner Runs Continuously?


There are several reason for why an air conditioner runs continuously. The thermostat could not be set properly or a vent might be open. Check the instruction manual for the model to make sure the settings are correct. If that doesn't solve the problem their may be a mechanical issue.
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Air conditioners that never turn off may not be faulty. Thermostats may be set incorrectly, the fan vent may be open or there may be a misunderstanding of how the system actually
It may sound funny but until the cars out of gas as long as the engine doesn't overheat and the cooling fans are working correctly and the system is properly charged.
It probably needs maintenance. Sometimes the coils ice up or the evaporator drain gets plugged when the unit is dirty. Make sure the filters are changed on a regular basis. If its
You did not say but my guess is the heat is some type of fuel heat and this is not a heat pump. With fuel heat, the fan is delayed until the heat exchanger heats up. The fan is energized
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