Air Conditioner Schematics?


Air conditioners cool the room air by pulling hot air into them and pushing cooler air into the room. Refrigerant is used in this process, which is similar to the way a refrigerator keeps food cold. Many times the cause of an air conditioner breaking down is electrical in nature. If you want to fix an air conditioner, you need to know how to read air conditioner schematics. If you do not have one handy, air conditioner schematics are available online at websites that specialize in heating and air conditioning repair.
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1. Open up your hood and find your service fittings. These are twist-top valves on hoses. The low side fitting will be found on the suction hose, or on the line that goes from the
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1. Look for leaks in the system. You may have lost refrigerant in the air conditioner due to a leaky compressor or O-ring seal. There may be a leak in the air conditioner hose. Before
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