Air Conditioner Square Foot Per Ton?


In order to determine if you're purchasing the proper size air conditioner, it's important to determine the tonnage needed for it to be effective. Ideally, you'll want to purchase a unit that isn't overworked and inefficient, but also one that isn't too large that it's unnecessarily costly. The average amount of square feet per ton depends heavily on the climate area that the home is situated in. Generally speaking, one ton can cool about 600 square feet.
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1. Multiply the amount in short tons per square foot by 2,000 to convert the amount to pounds per square foot. For example, 5 short tons per square foot multiplied by 2,000 equals
rule of thumb is 400 sq ft a ton but not completely right on. Need to do a solar calculation on the house before determining the correct size. Need to take solar load on windows.
The average ton per square foot is 330 square
Properly sizing an air conditioner is MORE IMPORTANT than simply over cooling or over using electricity. If you oversize the unit it will not effeciently dehumidify which is a very
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The size air conditioner will also be determined by the zone that you live in, but if you live in Zone 1 you would need a 4 ton air conditioner for a 2300 square ...
How many tons of A/C per square foot are needed in a home depends on several factors. You should figure the square footage of the area, then determine which heating ...
The cooling capacity of an air conditioner is calculated on the basis of BTUs per hour. 12000 BTU per hour are equal to 1 ton of air conditioning. BTU is the amount ...
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