Air Conditioner Thermostat Setting?


When warm weather hits, everyone wants to stay cool and comfortable. Using an air conditioner is one way of keeping the temperature down. In order to stay cool, and still save energy, it is good to know the best thermostat setting. The one recommended temperature is 78 degrees Fahrenheit. However, not everyone finds that temperature comfortable. The cooler the temperature, the more energy will be used. One way to determine your best temperature is to lower it one degree at a time, from the current temperature, until it feels comfortable.
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1. Turn the circuit breaker to your central air condition to the “Off” position. 2. Remove your existing thermostat from the wall. Unscrew the connectors that hold it
mine is usually set at 77-78 F. it seems hot but thats perfect.
Depends on where you live. From personal experience in a coastal environment, the main consideration is HUMIDITY rather than TEMPERATURE. Mold and mildew depend upon moisture to live
rule of thumb, depending on what your looking for, but setting the temperature at your comfort level works best, unless you have a programmable t-stat then find your comfort level
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