What is the Air Force's banned substance list?


The United States Air Force holds its integrity in high regard and keeps their soldiers in line with the strict code. In keeping with their strict standards, soldiers are not permitted to indulge in substances that compromise their ability to maintain a level of respect within the community. In addition to illegal substances like street drugs and steroids, the Air Force keeps a list of similar substances that could be considered to be inappropriate. Muscle building supplements that resemble androgen, for example, are included on this list.
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Obviously you cannot use any illegal substance. Many supplements are also banned from use by military members due to increasing concerns over their safety. After all, what good are
The World Anti-Doping Agency maintains this list: http://list.wada-ama.org/. Basically, it covers: S0. NON-APPROVED SUBSTANCES. S1. ANABOLIC AGENTS. S2. PEPTIDE HORMONES, GROWTH FACTORS
http://gustavus.edu/orgs/saab/ncaabanned.php. a) Stimulants: amiphenazole methylenedioxymethamphetamine. amphetamine (MDMA, ecstasy) bemigride methylphenidate. benzphetamine nikethamide
Substances banned in the Air Force are: androstanediol,
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