Air Pockets in Lungs?


Air pockets in the lungs is a condition called pneumothorax. In the human body, there are two layers of the pleura which cover the surface of the lungs and are filled with fluid. If there is a large enough pocket of air between these two layers, it can cause the lung to collapse. If a person has air bubbles, a person can experience chest pain or shortness of breath. If the condition is bad enough, a person may also experience a hacking cough and a sharp chest pain. Severe shortness of breath can result in shock and cardiac arrest.
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Another name for these air pockets is subcutaneous emphysema. !
1. Sit upright if possible. You may not be able to sit completely vertically if you're still confined to your bed. Hold the spirometer upright and put the mouthpiece in your mouth
i think what the doctor meant by air pockets is that u have pockets with stagnant air in it.air does not move out or in very much. this will happen if ur lungs lose elasticity.smoking
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