Air Pollution Solutions?


There are a variety of solutions to air pollution, but it takes everyone working together. One is to control population growth. Other solutions include using renewable forms of energy, reducing waste, using less energy, and improving energy efficiency. There are smaller things that we can all do which will make a difference. People can utilize mass transit versus driving our own cars. We can take our own grocery bags to the store versus using plastic bags and throwing them away when we get home. At home, electricity should be turned off when lights, computers, and televisions are not in use. Recycling will also help as will composting.
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using CNG in vehicles, using catalytic convertors.
One method is the Cap and Trade method, where emissions are reduced as those
Reducing air pollution is simple. You get rid of the mass production of junk, the less junk we have the less pollution we will see. You have to make people care about there environment
One way to minimize and prevent water contamination involves properly treating industrial sewage and wastewater before releasing it into the environment. In water treatment plants
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There are many different solutions available to help combat air pollution. One of the most common solutions to prevent air pollution is car pooling. Other solutions ...
For those asking what some solutions for air pollution are, most will start with reducing the amount of toxins being put into the air in the first place. Additionally ...
using CNG in vehicles, using catalytic convertors. ...
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