Airbag Deployment Speed?


There is no set speed found on the deployment of airbags. Newer cars have sensors inside and outside the car and it depends where the airbags are located and where the car is hit as to how fast the airbags come out. At one time, a person’s car would only have driver’s side airbag and it would deploy if the car bumped into a concrete light pole. They are much more sophisticated now and depend on different types of data that sensors analyze prior to airbag deployment.
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Airbags are operated on the basis of three components: An airbag module; one or more crash sensors, including an accelerometer; and a managing diagnostic unit. The front airbag is
That depends on what you run into : If you run into a concrete wall that doesn't have any " give " , another vehicle that is parked , another vehicle that is moving towards
There is no minimum speed. If you hit the censor with anything it could
Airbags will deploy when the front bumper hits something going more then 5 mph. There are sensor's behind the bumper that will set the airbags off to protect the driver and passanger
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I don't think they have a maximum, only a minimum. ...
I don't think they have a maximum, only a minimum. ...
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