How many seats are in an Airbus A320?


In its standard factory configuration, the Airbus A320 has seats for up to 150 passengers in a two-class arrangement, and when configured to maximize plane capacity, the A320 can carry 180 passengers. The A320 can also be configured to maximize passenger comfort with fewer seats and more free cabin space.

The Airbus A320 is designed as a short- to medium-distance jetliner and is regularly used on both regional commuter routes and cross-country routes in the United States. It's considered to be a narrow-body plane with a single center aisle in its standard and high-capacity configurations. The A320 entered the commercial market in 1988.

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75 on each side. 150 in total.
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The difference is the seating size and arrangement. Also, planes that are different 'numbers' have different load capacities, flight ranges. For example the A320-200 can hold 150
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