What Are the Duties of Airline Customer Service Agents?


An airline customer service agent is responsible for making sure that an airline customer's needs are met. Their duties include helping the customer with tickets, flight information, and seating arrangements. They are also responsible for assisting customers with special needs, and helping customers board the plane if necessary.
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1. Take several courses in high school related to this position, if possible. Some suggested courses include English, business, computers, career development and tourism. These courses
they check bags and issue boarding passes and make sure you know your flight info.
1 Graduate from high school. Customer service agents are required to have a high school diploma or a GED. Ad 2 Learn how to communicate effectively. Customer service agents are required
Overall, according to a number of surveys and studies, American Airlines tends to consistently come in at just about average or below average in terms of customer service and satisfaction
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The Salary of a Customer Service Agent at an Airline
Airline customer service agents make flight reservations and sell tickets, along with providing customer service. They also are called ticket agents, travel clerks or customer service representatives. Job duties for each title vary depending on the... More »
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