Airsoft Mg42?


AnAairsoft Shoei MG42 Blowback is just like a German MG42 machine gun like they had in World War II. It is the perfect gun for war re-enactments or to add to a collection. It is made of metal and comes with a 250 round magazine, a bipod made of steel, dummy rounds, a metal belt link, and a 6mm hose if you want to connect it to a remote. It also has an SP Green Gas adapter.
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you can find it at or or they all have a mg42 but the cost about $300.00 to $600.00. it depends on witch one you get. but they
The AGM MG42 airsoft gun is rumored to be released in the next
Yeah, like said above the are only ones out in the market, are made by Shoei (a little known Japanese airsoft company, that was really only big when airsoft first started). I believe
They quit making mg42 airsoft guns a while back and I think any internals for one would be insanely expensive. But if you really want to do it and have access to a metal working or
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You can find Airsoft MG42 on different Airsoft stores locally. It is also available on different online sites. As of December 2012, the Shoei MG42 Blowback costs ...
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