How many fan clubs does Ajith Kumar have?


There is not an official fan club for Indian actor Ajith Kumar, although fans have created unofficial fan pages on many social media sites. Unofficial fan pages can be found on Facebook, Orkut, Google and Yahoo for fans to follow developments in his life and career.

Ajith was born in Secunderabad, Andra Pradesh, India, on May 1, 1971. His first film was "Prema Pustakam," filmed in 1992 when he was 21. Since then, he has received industry award nominations for 20 of his films, and he has won 11. His acting has received many positive reviews from his worldwide audience and critics.

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Two at the most.
yes you r right ajith having more than 70000 fan clubs in Film industry,which is higher than any other actor in south india (even more than rajnikanth)Because rajnikanth closed registration
i love ultimate super star ajith kumar i want his phone mumber.i love ajithkumar and i was a small big fan.please tell ultimate star phone number.
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