What are AKG's K 701 headphone like, I need to know.?


1. I listen to all manner of music from Calssic baroque to Chris Cunningham (Aphex Twin) and wanted an opinion on how well these headphones would serve me? The AKG K701 headphones are highly popular with audiophiles and highly recommended by many
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Not that great. I wouldn't pay more than $250 for a K 701/702. The K 702 has a darker color scheme and has an interchangeable, detachable cable. Mini-XLR on the end that attaches
They are all good headphones, it all depends of your personnal taste, kind of material you are listening and particular needs. From what I've read, (all in stock form, no recable,
Too good a deal to pass up on the Grado RA-1 HG amp so I'm going to go for it and pick it up tomorrow. We'll see how it drives the K-701's soon.
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I bet that the only fundamental difference between K601 and K701 is the EQ, along with driver selection/matching (think HD580 <-> HD600). Indeed, it wouldn't ...
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