What is Al Sharpton's email address?


The primary email address through which Al Sharpton is contacted is scheduling@nationalactionnetwork.net at the National Action Network. Al Sharpton is a minister in the American Baptist Church and a self-styled civil rights leader. He began preaching when he was still a child.

Al Sharpton, who unsuccessfully ran for the presidential nomination of the Democratic party in 2004, is also the host of a daily talk show on cable news network MSNBC called "Politics Nation," which focuses on current events and politics. Sharpton can also be contacted through MSNBC if one has a question about the television program. Contact may be made through the show's website at www.msnbc.com/politicsnation.

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He doesn't have a specific e-mail, but you can try to get a hold of him through
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Email Al Sharpton at show@SharptonTalk.net Source(s): http://www.sharptontalk.net/contact.htm
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