Al2 So4 3?


Aluminum Sulfate is the name of the compound for Al2(SO4)3. This compound is primarily used in purifying drinking water.
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al2(so4)3 is the compound for Aluminum
17. Al 2. S 3. O 12.
Well the 3 indicates that there are 3 Aluminum atoms, and the Sulfate is sectioned off to show that there are 2 sulfates. So in one sulfate there is one sulfer atom and four oxygen
The coefficients in a balanced chemical equation are used to determine the relative no. of molecules or moles of a compound involved in a chemical reaction.
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Al2 So4 3 is the chemical formula for Aluminium Sulfate. The gram formula mass of Al2 So4 3 is 342.15 g/mol. This can be calculated by adding the individual masses ...
It depends as to what is the molar mass of Al2 So4 3. The formula is for aluminum sulfate. Its molar mass is 342.15 g/mol for its anhydrous form. For its octadecahydrate ...
In Al2 So4 3, there are 17 atoms. Al, Aluminum, has 1 atom. So, Al2 has 2 atoms. S is Sulfur and O is Oxygen, each having 1 atom. So, S + O4 is 5 atoms. When the ...
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