What's the Best Chatting Site in Malaysia?


Alamak chat headquarters is currently located in Singapore. The company had previously been located in the United States. The site has chatters from around the world. You will find people from the US, Malaysia, Singapore and Europe for example.
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John Saario of USA but now living in Malaysia. Alamak Head Office is in Singapore and Branches are in USA. Alamak got bad name due to John Saario Wife Wube Tuesday and Her Friend
what is a chatting site?! i belong to the mIRC, icq and msn era... lol but mmm let's see imvu, and i guess lately the HOT thing would be facebook and myspace? are these chatting sites
You cant use your hand phone, you must use your headgear,eg...headphones and mic. and use messengers program , both parties must have yahooMes/w/voice, once set up try ,inviting a
The address you have is not complete. You have the house number, road, postcode, city and country. Anyway try this: 18, Jalan USJ 1, 52100 SUBANG, Malaysia. Good luck.
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