How to Use the Speakers As an Alarm Clock On the iPhone 3G.?


1. Tap the "Clock" icon on your iPhone 3G to open your iPhone's clock settings. 2. Click the " icon on the top-right of your iPhone's screen. 3. Set the alarm on your iPhone depending on when you would like the alarm to sound. Set the alarm by
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Is this a factory alarm or an aftermarket one? If it is aftermarket, it could literally be installed anywhere ( but they are usually located somewhere at the back of the engine bay
there should be omr set of just black pairs thats the flap magnet they go to the set nearest the lid and the speaker is a red and grey wier which then goes onto the other one which
It is located to the passenger side of the rear speaker deck. You must 1st remove the rear lower seat, (there are 4 release levers under the front of the back seat) Then you must
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1. Check the computer clock to be sure the time and date are correctly set. Click the speaker icon on the taskbar to set the volume to an appropriate level. 2. ...
A personal alarm is essentially a small, portable siren with a panic button. It is a simple device consisting of a small, powerful speaker attached to a pushbutton ...
Press the button marked with a speaker symbol on the key remote to activate the personal alarm. The alarm will sound. Press it one more time, or insert the key ...
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