Alaska Landforms?


You can find just about any type of landform in the state of Alaska. You can find mountains such as Mount McKinley in the Denali National Park. It is 20,320 feet high and nicknamed “The High One” since it is the highest mountain in the United States. There are also islands, mountain passes, glaciers, hills, volcanoes, watersheds, waterfalls, lakes, and valleys. They are also caves, peninsulas, craters, trenches, gulches, canyons, basins, sea shelves, lava beds, reefs, and deltas.
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1.Silver bay is a bay in Sitka, Alaska. 2.Thomas bay is a bay in petersburg, Alaska 3. Kodiak Island
Mountains of south-central Alaska that extend from the Alaska Peninsula to
Brooks Range in northern Alaska. The Kenai Fjords in southeastern Alaska. Source(s)
Landforms: Wild and beautiful Alaska is home to majestic mountains, glaciers, active volcanoes, huge tracks of forested land and some of the planet's most varied extremes of cold,
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