Alaska's Major Products?


Alaska is a state found to the northwest of the United States. Some of the main products in the state include cod, natural gas, crab, seafood, oil, Pollock and salmon. Agricultural products are also found in the country and they include dairy products and vegetables.
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Fish, Beer.
Route 11, more commonly known as the Dalton Highway or Haul Road, begins just north of Fairbanks and runs through the eastern side of the state to Prudhoe Bay. It is a rustic road
Seafood and Oil.
Here's a pretty exhaustive list of their web products, from the source: l/en/op. Narrowing them down to the most "major" in terms of usage and
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There are many landforms in Alaska. A landform is defined as 'a major feature of the earth's surface.' Some of the major landforms in Alaska include: Silver Bay, ...
The bodies of water that border Alaska are the Pacific Ocean, the Arctic Sea and the Bering Sea. This includes the Gulf of Alaska (Pacific) and the Beaufort Sea ...
Alaska is the 49th state of the United States, achieving statehood on January 3, 1959. There are several industries in Alaska, but oil is the main one. Logging ...
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