Alberto Alpo Martinez?


Alberto Alpo Martinez is in prison. He is serving a life sentence for killing 14 people including Rich Porter. Alberto Alpo Martinez was a drug lord of Puerto Rican descent.
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where is alberto martinez bka aplo from harlem newyork what is a address so i can write him
Alberto "Alpo" Martinez was a drug dealer from Harlem who made an obscene
Who? That's a pretty common name...must be a zillion of them and I bet they are not all in
Albert Geddis Martinez | Alberto Geddis Martinez | Albert Martinez
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It is very rare to find any existing interviews with Alberto Alpo Martinez. Martinez used to be a drug kingpin, but he eventually decided to be an informant for ...
What prison Alberto 'Alpo' Martinez is in is not public information. Martinez has spent time in prison at Riker's Island. ...
Alberto Alpo Martinez was a drug dealer from Harlem. He made a lot of money selling cocaine and heroine all across the east coast of the United States. In 1992 ...
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