What are some characteristics of an albino rabbit?


Albino rabbits are typically bright white in color and have red eyes. Other than those differences, they are identical to any other rabbit.

Owning an albino rabbit is almost the same as owning an ordinary rabbit. It needs the same food and general care, but caution must be taken when giving the rabbit outside time. Due to the lack of pigment in its eyes and skin, the rabbit should be given a place to escape the sun. Lack of protection can lead to a sunburn, and the bright light can hurt its eyes.

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A friend of mine started this foundation, who also gave me two rabbits (one albino) These are all rescues in need of homes. There was no cost for adopting them provided that I had
Rabbits vary greatly in cost from 15 dollars to 100 dollars depending on what breed it is. Rare ones
The same as any other rabbit, 8-12 years or more if cared for properly and housed indoors.
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About Albino Rabbits
Animals that don't produce the pigment melanin are called albinos. Any animal that produces melanin can be albino, from whales to snails. Go to a local pet store or animal shelter and you may spot an albino rabbit. These pure white pets are much like... More »
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