What are some alcohol slogans?


There are many alcohol slogans you'll hear on television and radio. One of the most popular is 'This Bud's for you' which is from Budweiser. There are others from Budweiser including 'King of Beers', 'Wassup?!', 'Where there's life, there's Bud', and 'When you say BUDweiser, you've said it all'. 'The Silver Bullet' and 'Brewed with Pure Rocky Mountain Spring Water' is from Coors and 'If you've got the time, we've got the beer' is from Miller.
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how should i know.
Some Creative alcohol slogans include "taste the rockies," "Whassup" and "The most
One Tequila. Two Tequila. Three Tequila. Floor! Have a happy day! Cinn = or an original: Beware: If you drink too much from the bottle. you may wake up in bed with your brother. OMGawd
by griffon007 on Wed Aug 03, 05 2:28am [+] alcohol,and pot in moderation is no big deal to me.. but people who do cocaine and have kids are losers and should have the kids taken away
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