Alcohol Testing for Probation?


There are certain things a person is not allowed to do while on probation. One of the restrictions involves the use of alcohol. Your probation officer, or even the police, can demand an alcohol test at any time. The same thing applies to drugs. Should you test positive for alcohol or drugs, your probation could be revoked. If this occurs, you could be sent back to jail or prison to serve out the original term of your sentence.
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The courts almost always mandate probationers not drink at all if the defendant is placed on probation for any type of substance abuse offense. In addition, if he was using drugs
For Virgina ASAP probation monitering meetings they just give you a breathalizer.
Probation officers use urine analysis on their clients for
depends on a lot of things: 1) age 2) criminal history 3) first DWI or alcohol related offense? 4) does the judge dislike you and/or your atty? lol it's usually random PBT testing
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Standard alcohol urine testing detects alcohol use for Urine testing for 6-24 hours. Published studies differ on detection period, stating ranges from 80 hrs up ...
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