Alexander Miles?


Alexander Miles was an American inventor. His best known invention was the automatic open and closing doors designed for an elevator. The invention that made him famous was patented by him in 1887. There was much controversy surrounding his patent acceptance as several years earlier in 1874, a man named John W. Meaker, had patented the same exact idea. Prior to both inventions, elevator doors had to be manually closed and opened. Modern day elevators use the design created by Alexander Miles.
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Alexander Miles was born in Ohio in the year 1837. He was an African-American inventor. He improvised the method of opening and closing of elevator doors. He was died after the year
Alexander Miles improved the elevator.
He was an African-American inventor born in Duluth, Minnesota in 1838 who transcended racial barriers to make a major contribution to the development of elevators, making possible
Alexander founded over 70 cities and created an empire across
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Alexander Miles was born in 1838. Alexander Miles contributed to the elevator industry. He was an African American inventor of the late 19th century. ...
In 1887, Alexander Miles patented the elevator with doors that automatically close the elevator shaft. He improved the elevator for easier accessibility and for ...
Alexander Miles was born in Duluth, Minnesota in 1838. He is credited with inventing automatically opening and closing elevator doors. ...
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