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Alexander Miles biography includes his birth in 1838 in Ohio. As an African American, he was one of the few who invented and patented their inventions. In 1887, he was issued U.S. Patent number 371,207 for his design of elevator doors that could be automatically opened. In 1870, he met his wife Candace J. Dunlap. They moved to Duluth, Minnesota with their daughter Grace in the late 1800s. Alexander Miles died in 1906 in Minnesota.
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Alexander Miles was born in 1838. Alexander Miles contributed to the elevator industry. He was an African American inventor of the late 19th century.
Alexander Miles of Duluth, Minnesota patented an electric elevator (U.S. pat#371,207) on October 11, 1887 (see patent below) Alexander Miles did not invent the first elevator, however
Although not a true biography, but with historical fiction interwoven, I found the 'Alexander' trilogy of books written by Italian historian Valerio Massimo Manfredi to be an informative
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