How to Feed Alfalfa Cubes to a Horse?


Alfalfa cubes are fed to a horse just like its normal feeding pattern. However they are not to be given in excessive amount so that horses will not be considerably fat. Another factor is that when they it excessively it causes digestive conditions like colic.
Q&A Related to "How to Feed Alfalfa Cubes to a Horse?"
1. Feed your mature horse 17 to 18 lbs. of alfalfa cubes daily. The University of Kentucky recommends this level of intake for adults who do not need to lose or gain weight and weigh
I usually feed alfalfa cubes to my horses in the winter. I always feed them in the afternoon, and I soak them. My feed recipie is 1/2 3qt scoop alfalfa cubes, plus 1/4 scoop beet
I feed my two older horses(29 and 30) a gallon 3x's a day along with a gallon of alfalfa pellets 3x's a day. As with any new feed stuffs added to the diet it needs to be done over
I feed 25 pounds a day between 2 horses, although they get free grazing also, plus get about a scoop of grain each. 1 of the horses is a 16h around 1300 or 1400 # horse, the other
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