Alfred Wegener Supported His Theory of Continental Drift by?


What Alfred Wegener used to support his theory of continental drift was the comparison in shapes of continental coast lines, separated by wide oceans. He also used similarities in the rocks and fossils occurring in the fauna and flora.
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The first, and most obvious, was how the coastlines of North America and South America fit together with that of Europe and Africa. (That was too much to be just coincidence. He found
1) Animals. 2) Fossils. 3) Rocks. 4) Paleoclimate. 5) Plants.
In Meteorology and continental drift, Alfred Wegener was the German meteorologist who proposed a comprehensive model of continental drift and presented geological evidence it and
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Alfred Wegener's was a geologist who proposed the continental drift theory. His theory wasn't accepted because he couldn't explain the mechanism or processes behind ...
Plate tectonic theory began in 1915 when Alfred Wegener proposed his theory of 'continental drift'. Wegener proposed that the continents moved through crust of ...
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