Algae Eater Fish?


Algae eater fish are a good additional to any home aquarium. These fish naturally eat any algae that forms in the tank and help to keep the tank clean. Common algae eater fish sold in pet stores include, Siamese Algae Eater, Amano Shrimp, Midget Sucker-mouth Catfish, American Flag-fish, Malaysian Trumpet snail, Black Molly, Whiptail Catfish, and Ancistrus. An average 10 gallon fish tank should have one or two algae eater fish to help maintain tank cleanliness.
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1. Study the species you wish to breed, including their method of reproduction and their behavior before, during, and after breeding; this is essential to properly prepare for breeding
any type of catfish, eg butterfly plec. any type of loach, eg, weather loach.
Some fish that eat algae are: black molly, otocinclus cats, Siamese algae eaters, plecos, butterfly goodeid, the Florida flag fish and rosie barbs.
if its ment for extra food and not algae. i would rather get corycats, they spend more time on the bottom and i personally like how they look. though 6 may be tomany for a 30gallong
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