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Algeria is known for its many natural resources. Some of these resources include petroleum, zinc, lead, ore, uranium, and natural gas.
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The natural resources of Algeria include: petroleum, natural gas, iron ore, phosphates, uranium, lead, zinc.
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*The_use_of_modern_irrigation_technology_is_encouraged_in_order_to_preserve_water_resources_throughout_Algeria. *Southern_sand_dune_is_fixed_ (Biskra-Hassi_Massoud. *500_km_of_farmland_is's_natura...
Three natural resources in the country of Algeria are iron ore, zinc, and
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Algeria's oil and natural gas fields are a major resource for the country, but also a focus of attention for Islamic extremists from neighboring countries like ...
Main Exports: Crude Oil, Dates, Fruit and Vegetables, Natural Gas, Petroleum Products, Wine. Main Imports: commodities: capital goods, food and beverages, consumer ...
not much compare to its neighbours Algeria and Lybia !(please refer to ...
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