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Words within the Algonquin language are complex and can be hard for native English speakers to pronounce correctly. When saying Algonquin words, they are said with a strong voice and with conviction. The Algonquin word for dog is animosh. Many Algonquin Indians also learned how to speak English when the Europeans arrived. The Algonquin language is part of the Algic languages. Other tribes whose language are in this category include the Blackfoot, Shawnee, Etchemin, Shinnecock, Cheyenne, Narragansett, Massachusett, Unami, Nanticoke–Piscataway, Ojibwe, Mahican, and Powhatan Indians.
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Mahingan - wolf. Animosh - dog. Aram - wolf-dog.
Illinois is French for Illini or land of Illini, Algonquin word
I think it might be used as a suffix (ukqunaz, etc) (via J Eliot, Indian Grammar, circa 1832).
Chicago! Source(s)….
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Algonquin is the language of an Indian tribe. The translation of the English word 'twin' in Algonquin is 'nijotenj'. If only one twin is referred to, it is translated ...
I have learned that the city of Chicago gets its name from an Algonquin word meaning 'Garlic field.' The original word is 'Chigagou.' The Native Americans gave ...
American Indian words vary for each tribe. Some Algonquin Indian words are pejig, miskwa, wabi, and nigamo. Nigamo means sing, wabi means white, pejig means 1, ...
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